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Coppa Good Butt: Help a noob peer deep into the cryopak

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This thread is to ask for help picking good shoulder/butt out of my local Costco's Swift Premium boneless shoulder-butt twin cryopaks.


Around here in SoCal getting bone-in seems to be a special order and getting high quality pasture raised anything seems to runs $12/lb.  Since I'm still learning my craft, Costco will cut my teeth fine.  


All that said, I'd still like to get the best butt I can get and when I can pick up a good one with a good solid coppa, be able to identify it in the package and prep for making Capicolla.


I've found several guides on cutting out the coppa, and feel fairly confident there.  My problem is being sure I've got at least one good one if not two in the cryopak before bringing it home.  I follow a lot of the basics in picking.  I check pack date, sell by date, packing for leaks, solid/firmness of the pack etc. to hopefully get good fresh pork and so far haven't been disappointed in that.  


What I have been disappointed in is some of the butts have very good deboning job done and others kind of seem like they were done by a noob with a hangover and dull knife.  The coppa range the gamut, some solid and nice and other a little loose feeling out of the pack. S


I'm borrowing this cryopak photo from another thread here because in my last effort, I didn't think of pulling out my camera.



As I commented in another thread, I kind of disturbed my shopping neighbors so closely eyeing up the cryopaks searching for the coppa.  Boneless cubes throw me off I guess.


Can someone help me out?  It's a lot of work, but what I'm thinking and I realize I may have to take the first crack at it myself next run is when I look at the photo above, I don't see the coppa.  I suspect in that twin pack that's it's actually in the upper left corner running horiontally left to right to the middle and the other is in the lower right running right to left horizontally. So this angle doesn't provide a good review. 


What I'd like to build is a sequence of photos with the base image being like the above but the the package brang label sticking up.  Then it's a cube, like a single die and we could number the six sides, with the top being side 1.  Side 2 would be the side facing us, side 3 is then the right hand side, side 4 the left side, side 5 the back side (facing top of photo) that we can't see and side 6 the bottom on the table.  


My last twin pack had one kind of hacked up and the other had a layer on it that kind of seemed like it would be tough so I trimmed it off, maybe I should have left it on.  Either way, any help appreciated.

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Here's a "how to"... I'm so confused as to where the coppa is... The second link looks good, as a descriptor...... of course it all depends if you are looking at a "right" or "left" shoulder blade.... I think that's where I get confused.... It all gets backwards....
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I found this "3D muscle ID" pig thing that Dan McG put up on another site... The Adobe Flash player is safe according to Norton...
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Hi Dave, those are good links.

I also like this one from one of the other threads here.

The formatting is a little messed up, but if you open each photo up, they really show off the cut out.
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Thanks.... I finally figured out how to open them up..... I put them in a Coppa file on my puter... Nice pics.... good info..... Thanks BriCan... BriCan is a meat dude in B.C.... from Britan originally... knows his stuff.....
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