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Labor Day Smoke

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Had an assortment of requests for this Labor Day, so why not try to please everyone.


A dozen Brats, 10# of Country Style Shoulder Ribs and 2 chickens; with sides of slaw, beans and corn.  If I'm lucky, it should be enough for my 11 starved family members.



A plated shot before the gorge begins.  Everyone had a good time and got their fill.


Chicken was rubbed with butter and got a good seasoning of SPOG with a little shake of Weber Kickin' chicken.  The ribs were slathered with mustard, rubbed with Jeff's rib rub, smoked for 2 hours at around 260* and then into a foil pan with Jeff's sauce, apple juice and honey and covered for another hour.  Everything turned out great.

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JB, looks like a great meal !

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Joe nice job,the food looks great. I wish I could get plated shots.LOL


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Thanks guys
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Looks great Joe,  One suggestion    -------  Invite me next time   points1.png



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You got it, buddy. I only live 10 minutes from the airport. Just let me know when your flight's landing. Another opportunity would be when you have your next cooking school. I'm looking forward to being there.

Thanks for the point.
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Missed this long time----Just happened to trip over it !!


Glad I did---It looks Great.Thumbs Up


Nice load of goodies on the Smoker!!:drool


Also my kinda Plate!!----------------------------:points:


Nice Job, Joe!!




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Thanks Bear for the kind words and for the points.
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