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newbe here

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Hi new to this site and all been experimenting with gas fired smoker last couple years live so. illearned about site from a coworker wo is helping a friend with a build and been about 6 weeks since i used my smoker i knew it was getting rough well bottom fell out so here i am lolThumbs UpThumbs Up rdy to build and start:grilling_smilie: again
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Welcome from SC. You are at the right place with lots of folks who are ready to share their ideas and tips. All you have to do is ask. Good luck with a new cooker. Do you know yet what type you will be interested in? Everyone on this site has a different view of what's best. My advice is to write down all of the features you are looking for. How many folks you will usually cook for, What type of fuel you like, what type cooker you like. Write it all down and then start your research.

Good luck with your research, and good smokin', Joe
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