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Yes.  That was the problem you had with the excess moisture.  The powdered milk absorbs the excess moisture and leaves you with a better texture and less shrinkage.  There are other binders but that is my choice.  Many recipe's do not call for a binder at all but I have found over the years that it is a important part in smoked sausage.  Curley's makes great seasonings and I use them as well but if you seen my other posts here you will see I tweek everything I make with add on's. Not just powdered milk but extra garlic, hot pepper at times, and high temp cheese for example [mustard seeds also].  That's the fun part of sausage making.  Making it to your personal preference.  Reinhard

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Thanks for the advice! Next time I will add it for sure. Would you add powdered milk to snack sticks and fresh sausages like bratwurst or just bologna and summer sausage?
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So I got to thinking, what is extremely dangerous lol. When you use the dry milk and add water to the mixture is it an additional 1 cup per 5 lbs to what the directions calls for or do I forget what the directions call for
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And add 1 cup of water per 5 lbs of meat?
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I believe the directions you speak of from Curley's  call for 1 cup of water per 5 pounds of meat?  That is to have the seasonings blend in better. That would be without using powdered milk.  As I stated in the above posts,  for 10 pounds of meat you would use 3 cups of water using 2 cups of powdered milk.  Sprinkle the powdered milk on the meat.  Then in the water put your spices and cure and mix, pour over the meat and mix everything well. good luck.

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Thanks for the help!
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