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Bite through skin

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Just got done smoking a 4lb whole chicken... Chicken came out great ... It was moist and super flavorful...

I did not brine it

I rubbed under the skin with butter
I stuffed the cavity with 2garlic cloves .... A whole lemon slices in half... Half an onion sliced in quarters .. Rosemary twig

Rubbed it with cowboy rub I picked up at my local giant food store

When I took it out and sliced it my skin was peeling off of it ... Is there something I should not have done or something I can do so that the skin stays on the chicken when I cut it ... Or when I bite it that so that all the skin doesn't pull off

This is the first time I rubbed butter under the skin but I can never get the skin to stay on the chicken whenever I do a whole chicken

Thanks in advance

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I cook chickens at 300-325 degrees, and dry the exterior with paper towels before going on the smoker.  I've put butter and seasoning under the skin and stuffed the cavity with aromatics, the skin comes out crispy.  I can separate the pieces and keep the skin intact on the leg quarters and breasts.  Slicing the breasts crosswise will keep a strip of skin on the exterior.  In my experience, the skin doesnt really stay connected once cooked.



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