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Hello everyone, I've been a stalker here at Smoking Meat Forums since I got my mess 30 for Christmas last year.  I've used posts from this site to help me smoke butts, spares, baby backs and bacon since then.  This morning I was going to smoke two 8 lb butts for about 20 people tonight, but after the smoker had been going for about 5 minutes, it kicked the circuit breaker.  I unplugged every thing on the circuit except the mess and restarted.  About 5 minutes later it off again.  I tried 2 more times before looking online and finding out this was a common failure with the mess.


I came here asking for help and Eman stepped me through how to cook the butts in the oven.  They are almost at the recommended temperature now and I'm just hoping they will be half as good as the ones from the smoker. 


Eman, thanks for taking the time to help.


I'm from Marietta, GA and over the past 8 months have probably smoked about 8 or 9 butts, 12 racks of baby backs and 12 of spares.  I asked for the smoker because I love good BBQ and got tired of the imitation crock pot ribs.  I'm just hoping I can get the mess fixed and it will last a while.  If not, I'll be asking the forum for advice on a more durable smokers.

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It's likely not entirely your smoker. MES's like to trip GFCI circuits. Try it on a NON-GFCI circuit and see if that works.
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Smokin, thanks for the suggestion.  The plug I was using was part of a CFCI circuit, so I'll try plugging into a different outlet when I get home tonight.  I hope you are right because I love my Mess.

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You were right.  I ran a drop cord to a different outlet and had no problem.  It does present a small problem, instead of hooking into the outlet on the back deck, I now have to run a drop cord through the kitchen to one on the inside of the house, but at least the smoker still works.


Thank you.

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