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Venison jerky

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Good morning everybody!I'm gonna try some venison jerky today and was looking for some tips on meat prep and time/temp for cooking. Using the MES 40 smoker. It's been in a marinade all night. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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I've never made venison jerky, but I sure hope somebody jumps in with some info on this.



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Hey Gary. I didn't take any pictures but we had some venison chops that had to be used up. My son found a marinade that sounded good and put them in that overnight. We smoked them today at 170 for about 2.5 hours. Then put the temp at 190 until the internal temp of the biggest piece was 160. Pulled them and they turned out pretty good. Not real dry, had a jerky texture but still a little moist. The marimade left great flavor also.
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What did you use for the marinade?  Its deer season up here, so you gotta know where I'll be in my spare time.



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Here is a thread I started from last year's batch of jerky.



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Hey Gary the marinade calls for tblsp ground black pepper, half cup brown sugar, tblsp onion powder, tblsp lemon juice, tblsp garlic salt, tsp paprika, half cup worcestershire sauce, half cup teriyaki sauce, third cup soy sauce. We added quarter cup of siracha hhot sauce also because the recipie was doubled for a bigger batch.
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