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Prime Rib

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My friend and I did a prime rib for today Very happy with the out come here a few pics.




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Looks awesome :drool:

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Oh that does look good. I cut the bones off and cook them for a different meal.

Great job
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Looks tasty! It maybe easier to slice with the bones in the air then cut right down the bone. Did you make any au jus for it? If not check out Chef JJ's au jus it's made on the smoker great with smoked Prime rib!
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That looks crazy good!



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Looks great! Nice smoke!
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Looks awesome. Thumbs Up

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Sorry I'm late to the party here but that does look good - nice job 


A full smoker is a happy smoker



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Yup---That Looks Great !!:drool--------:points:



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Can you share the process you used..I've always wanted to try prime in my masterbuilt ,for xmas & yours looks Perfect
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