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first brisket

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I smoked my first brisket today and it turned out great. I got a used mes 40 off of craigslist last weekend so I can do the longer smokes and I cut my teeth by doing a brisket. By using my maverick I figured out the temp was off by about 20°.

The brisket was a 4.6 lb flat from costco. I put it in the smoker at about 7 this morning. Temp was about 225°. After about 3hrs the temp was up to 170° internal so I pulled it out and wrapped it in foil. Around 11:30 IT was showing 207° so I pulled it out, wrapped it in towels and put it in a cooler. Let it rest in there for 3hrs, sliced it up and it is perfect. [/IMG]
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 Congratulations on your first smoke!  If you can produce great brisket most other things will be easy.  points1.png 

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Thanks aggie94. Been smoking on my dynaglo and having good luck so I thought I'd get an electric one and play with that. They say you can't have enough smokers. Lol
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