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pellet ash?

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I have a louisiana grills pellet grill/smoker how often should I be taking the grates out of my smoker and cleaning out all the ash? Also when I got it as a hand me down, I noticed it does not have the drip bucket, and i can't seem to find them on the LG website.  Does anyone know where I can get in or what I should use to make one?

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I use a shop vac to vacuum the ash out of my Rec Tec pellet smoker about every 3rd or 4th cook. I'd say it varies...I've heard of guys who do it after every cook, and others who go weeks or longer before vacuuming it out.

I'll bet if you call LG's customer service line and ask, they would send you a grease bucket. In the meantime, you could "southern engineer" one out of a coffee can (or something similar) and a short length of wire.

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Thanks for the response.  I wasn't sure how long to leave the ash, or if it would cause any harm or unsafe conditions.

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Ash is alkaline and moisture may cause a problem...
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Ok thanks. I cleaned the ash out before laying my brisket on tonight.

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