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Smoking Tuna, Skin on ok?

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Well its been quite some time since I've been on here, kinda fell out of smoking getting tired of my MES40 not working properly.  I've now the owner of a GMG DB and am smoking some fresh yellow tail for the family. 

I found a good brine/recipe on this forum but I haven't seen whether the skin needs to be removed or not, and skin up or down when smoking.

I know the grill side is easy with skin on, done that plenty of times.  Does it work the same when smoking?



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Either way is fine. I like to leave the skin on as it's less likely to stick to the grates. For grilling I prefer skin off as I like to sear each side over high temp leaving the middle rare.
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Gotcha, Thanks for the quick reply.  Going to do skin on as I agree it will be easier.  Maybe smoke till they are ready, peel the skin off and sear on my grill.....

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