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Foil Pans

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I have read in Jeff's newsletters that sometimes he puts butts, shoulders, loins, etc., in foil pans and places them in the cabinet.  Does anyone have any experience with using these pans.  I understand that they do not impede the smoke process but wonder if they would make any difference in the time required.  They certainly make for a cleaner smoker.  Also, if you use these pans for say a butt, could you simply cover the pan with foil after you determine you have enough smoke to speed up the cooking process?

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After a few hours the meat seems to reach it's max smoke potential. After that, covering in a pan is essentially the same as wrapping in foil and steaming the meat. It may soften the bark, but it will def speed up your cook times.
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I use foil pans a lot! Butts, briskets, chuckies. I usually smoke directly on the smoker for 4 hours or so Then place in a foil pan covered with foil for approximately 4 more hours, then rest for 2 hours. They are great for prepping, injecting, serving and for side dishing as well. Get them in bulk at Sam's and Costco

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I would add that when using the pan add a rack inside the pan for the meat to rest on and you will get better smoke on the down side of the meat.

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