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Newbie with dumb questions

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I apologize for these questions but am trying to figure out how to use my equipment.


I realize I don't have very good stuff but hope I can use what I have to learn until I upgrade and make some good stuff while learning.


I have a Red Stone 3 in 1 grill from Tractor Supply.

There was no real documentation so I don't know the mechanics of using this thing


I was wondering if I built my fire in the smoker part and put my meat in the charcoal grill part or in the smoker part


If someone could point me in a direction for some tutorials, I'd appreciate it.

I'd like to do some western ribs this weekend and, in the future, use this to cure some deer bologna.as well as regularly smoke all kinds of stuff.


Thank you for your patient indulgence.

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I have never seen one of these. Post a pic of what I have that way we can see it give u some better help. And welcome to SMF
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Thank you Hank for the welcome and the help



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That looks similar to this model.


I have never used one but would assume you build your fire in the side firebox and put your meat in the grill section.

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I tried that once, food junkie but couldn't get the temp very high.

Maybe 110.


Don't know if not enough fuel or adjustments on the vents or what

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It should work It sounds like u don't have enough air flow but u need to ask someone who knows more about about a wood fired smoker I use an electric
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In other threads, I saw people make a lot of mods to these kinds of smokers.


Hoping to learn how to use it.


thanks, hank2000

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Stay with it u will get it
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Try to keep a really good bed of coals and a small hot fire. For good air flow start with all of the vents wide open. Always keep the exhaust wide open and control the heat with the fire. Make sure the smoker is up to or above your cook temp before you put your meat in. Just don't let the coals get low. Good smokin' and let us know how it turns out.
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thanks for all that.


So, should I have my fire in one box and the meat in the same or the other?


There seems to be a big hole between them.

Maybe 12" long and a couple inches high


Where would you cook/smoke the western ribs that I'm going to try?

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Put fire in the small box on the right Meat in the other
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Thanks, hank.

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I've been digging and finding some You Tube videos on using my offset smoker.


About how long should I have "western ribs" on to cook?



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I'd say my first try was a qualified success.


These were "western ribs"


Not perfect but pretty darn good and enjoyed by all.


Made up my own little rub and smoked with apple wood and glazed with brown sugar and honey.


I'm hooked!!!



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U can send them to me I will let u know if they are eatable or not

Well done look good
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Meet you halfway.

Pittsburgh to Mississippi...


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Lol dang I have to work tomorrow. But it did look good
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Needed a little bit of kick.

Think I should have had a little cayenne

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watch the videos on offset smoker mods on YouTube and seal that thing up and make a charcoal basket that will really help.
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I watched a ton of them and noticed how much smoke poured out of mine today around the lid.


Looks like mine needs a little work.


But, it was cool getting the first one under my belt and it wasn't a failure


I'll have to look into that charcoal basket, too


Thanks for the tips

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