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So I have to share my new discovery.

 After a bit a research and a bit of tweaking (still not all there yet) I've come up with a great technique to making really great wings and still get a bit of crunch to the skin. First off is getting a good dry rub blend (the part I'm still perfecting) and then mix generously with baking powder (not baking soda). Then after giving your wings a good wash and pat down with paper towels, use your rub and set your wings on a rack in a sheet pan and let them sit overnight in the fridge uncovered. I'm a bit smokerless at the time for wings so I baked mine but still the same idea. Your results should yield a awesome wing with a crispy skin due to the baking powder.


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Thanks for the tip!

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great tip -


I've done the same thing with turkey (minus the BP), leaving it in the refrigerator uncovered for 24 hours prior to cooking.  Idea was to get the skin almost dried out before baking.

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the baking powder raises the PH level in the skin and causes it to get crispy. I've also done this with just salt and BP for crunchy pork belly.

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Good to know. Thanks
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My guilty pleasure...Salt! I think I've found the right group. Haha has anyone attempted smoking salt? I want to try it and if successful I want to package it up for my "foodie" friends as Christmas gifts. I've been searching to find what different smoked salts pair nice with different meats/food but I haven't found what I'm looking for. Most sites I've reviewed sell alder smoked salt for seasoning salmon. I Also considered making different herb or spiced salt something like a Serrano chili salt. Now I'm hungry. Lol
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That sounds like a wonderful gift. I've seen a few posts on the forum that discusses smoking salt and even butter.

Your idea of adding favors sounds good too. What about adding something like lemon or lime zest?
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Lime or lemon zest would work great just not juice as the acid would cook meat
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