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Ok...going in for the Tri Tip Cook right now.  So far, the Igrill is measuring at 20 degrees less than the GMG.  The left side of the grill is also 12 degrees cooler than the right.  I am going to do this cook using the temp from the iGrill2, and not the GMG and see how it turns out.


Shooting for 225 until meat hits 135, and then bumping it to 400 to sear until meat hits 150 (I like a medium well tri tip--I know I know, it's murder of good meat)

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Originally Posted by JCJack View Post

So I updated the software to v6.4 (prototype) from the stock v6.0.  My grill had been running as much as 50F hotter than set temperatures at the higher end (350F set - actual temps 400F mid grill).  So after checking with GMG-CS, I updated the software.  I had a choice of v6.3 (most up-to-date version) over v6.4, but decided to go whole hog on the prototype version.  GMG-DB CS told me that it hadn't been validated in cold weather temps so was still "prototype."  Since its 90's+ temperature in the Mid-Atlantic, I figured I didn't have to worry about cold weather operation - yet!  So ran a test burn this afternoon and here is what I got:

GMG-DB set temp: 350F
Actual temp:  330F

GMG-DB set temp: 250F
Actual temp: 245F

GMG-DB set temp: 150F
Actual temp: 145F

All actual temps were done with a Maverick Digital thermometer and I allowed the unit to run for a full 30 minutes at each setting to stabilize temps at the set point.  While the -20F disparity at higher temps was a bit disconcerting, it was better than 50F OVER!  I can always raise the set temp to compensate.  More importantly, I was encouraged by the mere 5F - 7F disparity for the lower temps where I believe the grill will spend most of its time.  So it looks like the new software is helping.  I have yet to do a real smoke with meat, but I figure I'll do that this weekend and report further.  Still liking my grill - just learning, updating, playing, etc.

I'm running 6.2 firmware. Ive had good luck with it, so I hesatate to upgrade. Keep us posted on how it's working out.
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Temps have settled I. At 224 on the left and 212 on the right. GMG is set at 260.
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Wow....right to left side is ranging a difference of 40 degrees!!!!

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Ok. So the grill remained about 20-40 degrees below what the GMG stated. Right to left side also remained a constant 20 degree difference. That is concerning, but apparently, is going to be about finding the right location for the heat shield to disburse the heat correctly and evenly. It was placed in the center tonight with the drip trays wrapped in foil.

Put the meat on at 225-230 based o. Igrill2, and removed meat at 124, raised grill temp o. I grill to 400, which got closer right to left of a dofference of about 6 degrees. Removed at 145, let rest 10 minutes, and it came out perfect for us!

No pellet alarms. Definitely concerned about the consistent difference in grill temps, both igrill2 to GMG as well as right to left.

I planned to send you screen shots of the igrill2 graphs, but apparently, you lose those when you turn it off.

I would still be inclined to return this grill and upgrade to a Yoder based on the completely inaccurate info the grill provides, but if anyone here says I am going to have the same issues with a Yoder, then I may as well save the money.
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TG - I've seen posts indicate that every grill seems to have its quirks.  RecTecs (which I strongly considered) have a problem with a bent mount internal to the smoker on some units leaving the racks teetering on the heat deflectors.  RecTec's cure?  Get a hammer and pound the bracket into the right configuration - and that grill costs about $1K!  So I wouldn't give up on the GMG-DB just yet.  I don't know what quirks exist with Yoders, but I suspect there is something! 


For your temp variations, if you have the WiFi version, try upgrading the software.  As I posted earlier, its seemed to help mine quite a bit - I simply need to do a smoke test with meat this weekend.  I was told by GMG CS, that I could also switch to software v6.3 as well (latest validated version).  GMG CS has been very responsive and good to work with (so far!).  They also told me about a temperature calibration adjustment I can make via the WiFi unit that I have to align the smoker set temperature with my Maverick digital temp unit.


On the low pellet alarm, I looked on the GMG website and found that you can adjust the sensor mount, which should improve your experience.  Here are the steps:


  1. Check to be sure that hopper pellet level is above the yellow pellet sensor (shown in picture) [JCJ note - no picture here since I cut and paste the instructions only.]
  2. Loosen black, plastic nut on the low pellet sensor.
  3. Adjust the yellow piece either in or out of the black, plastic nut 2 turns.
  4. Re-tighten black, plastic nut into hopper wall.
  5. Check to see if the beeping stopped (place something over the sensor to test).
  6. If this hasn’t solved the issue, your grill will need a new low-pellet sensor. Simply go to buy part (if your grill is under warranty, you will just need to put in your serial number) and order a low-pellet sensor.


There's more to the instructions (and with pictures!) so you should check it out at​.  Hope some of this helps.  I'm still playing around with my grill, but figured that once I get it dialed in correctly, I should be good to go.  The good news is that so far just about everything cooked has turned out well.  The only food that could have been better was the salmon (too salty from the marinade process) and the ribs (not cooked long enough to tenderize fully). 

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Thanks JC........unfortunately, one of the other issues I am having, is I can't get the grill to connect to the WiFi so I can do any updates.  I have not had  a chance to call that issue in to see if they can walk me through what the issue is and why it will not connect.  I even rolled it all the way into my living room to make  sure it was close enough to the router and still no luck getting it to connect.  I was thinking tonight I may delete the GMG App from my phone, re-load the App, reset the grill and see if it will connect then in the event there is some strange bug in there keeping it from connecting so I can update.


By the time I was  done with  my cook, I figured playing with the heat shield  placement will be key to getting  consistent temps throughout the grill, but it will also be nice  to be able to slide it around if at times you actually can use such a difference in temps from one side of the grill to the other.


Hopefully I will get home early enough from work today to try and call GMG CS and see  if they have any other ideas why it will not connect to my WiFi.

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TG - didn't realize you were still having Wifi issues. Silly question but did you install the antenna that screws into the control board? If so, I agree that turning the grill off and reloading the app to your smartphone seem appropriate next steps.

You can also check the version of software on your grill. Start with the grill off via the toggle switch. Then press the temp up button. Then toggle the grill on while holding the temp up button in still. After about ten seconds, your software version will appear on the LED display.

Good luck with everything and keep us posted on how it's all going.
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Everything installed correctly and it is running on 6.0.

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Ok. Then sounds like a software update is needed. Good luck with the reset!
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Well.....GMG-CS has finally gotten back to me...and basically, their stance is, I own it.  So even if you buy it, and are not happy with the  product for whatever reason, the only way they will issue a refund, is if it is broken to a point that they can't fix it.


"if we are unable to fix the issue then a return may be looked at.  As I stated we have a warranty to repair for this very reason"


I know all about "warranties" and why they are there.....but this stance is NOT one that will warrant this company being very successful in their CS Relations for very long.  And according to Neil from CS, the oven in my kitchen is off on temps more so than a pellet grill will be.  Now THAT is something I find hard to believe.  Not saying it isn't true, but I find it hard to believe.


After lots of directions this thread has taken, my recommendation to anyone that has made it this far along and is considering a GMG, is try to find someone you know that has one and figure out a way to give it a trial run.  If I would have bought a stupid Traeger at Costco, Costco would have taken it back!


Might be looking to sell it off.  Save someone $100 based on 2 weeks of use, and go try another brand.......this response from CS was very discouraging.  I guess I should have asked these return questions up front....just assumed I would not be having the issues I have already had, so that is on me.


I will try the store I bought it at one more time to see  if they will take it back...if not, I guess I will just have to find a way to make it work..which I will. 


I hate buyer's remorse....especially for something I was so excited about.

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Sorry to hear TG. Sucks that you are going thru this. Were you able to get the wifi connected?
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I have not had a chance to try it all out yet. Just got home and need to cook the flank steak!

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So the grill temps last night were even more off than the previous night.


Moved the heat shield more to the right in an effort to try and get the grill to be more evenly heated.  Still had a 20 degree difference in most cases, it was just hotter on the Hopper Side this time.


Grill at 335..iGrill2 measuring only 275 on the hot side.  Raised grill to 465 at  the end trying to get a seer, and could not get the grill above 376 according to the iGrill2 on the hotter side of the grill.


Emailed info back to GMG with many more specifics as to the foil lining, the fact it is heavy duty foil, weather outside etc.  Perhaps some damage was done on the initial burn in stage when the Hopper Fan was not working?  At these temp differences, I am never going to be able to get the grill to actually be in the 400's, much less, reach the 500 it is supposed to be capable of (not that I would need to use that high of a temp very often).


We will see what advice they have for me now.


So...back to food however.....the Flank Steak was good.  Cooked it at 275 until the meat reached 125, then removed the meat, raised the grill to all I could, which was somewhere between 375 and 465 (LOL), then tried to seer it on both sides until it reach 140. The meat had a nice smoke ring to it, but it was still a tad dry.  Sprayed it with pineapple juice throughout the cook.  Heavily marinated in teriyaki Sauce.  Any suggestions to get it to be juicier?  My new knowledge says I should have cooked it faster so it reached temp quicker, so start it at a higher temp next time...or is my brain completely reversed and I should have cooked it slower and lower?

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If I was doing a complete buy and not modding my classic OKJ, I would get the Pellet Pro unit from Smoke Daffy.

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GMG has done a good job dealing with me.  Very friendly on the phone.  I just don't agree with not being able to try things out.   That is on me for not asking that question when I bought it.  For all I know, the temp issues I am having, really are just how these grills work.


The temp reading on the grill, according to GMG, is just an is not the actual temp.   Once it reaches that temp, it does not change with the actual fluctuations going on inside, because  if it did, they said the grill would be constantly heating itself, which would dry out the meat.  There was a lot more to that explanation that made sense than what I just put here.


My only issue still remains the inability to connect to Wifi....I believe however, this is not the Grill, it is my set up, and I just have not had time to get home early enough to work on it with tech support.  When I get home early enough, I want to cook!!!  LOL


Tri Tip last night, and it was easily the best Tri Tip I have ever I am definitely starting to figure things out.  I still think I am going to get a BGE and do some side by sides, and if I see enough of a difference in the BGE, I may sell my slightly used GMG.   If there is not enough of a difference, then I will take the BGE back to the store I will buy it from, that DOES offer a 30 day money back promise for any reason, so if you don't like the grill, you don't have to keep it.


Plan to do two things this weekend......Poor Mans Burnt Ends and Ribs again.  The Ribs, because I know how to do those now...the Burnt Ends will be the first try at it, so if I fail, I want the ribs to fall back on!

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Big Green Egg purchased today.  I officially have a fleet of BBQ's now at the house.  Going to do a rack of Ribs on the GMG and one on the BGE tomorrow and see the difference.  based on everything I have no read and my experience with the GMG, I have a feeling I am going to be selling the GMG unless I somehow find a way to talk my wife into letting me keep them both!  LOL

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