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First try at a brisket flat w/pics

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Meat all rubbed up.

Smoked before foiling.

Another view before going back on in foil.

Post foil brisket, ready to rest.


Sandwich form.

And of course some libations!

Brisket was rubbed with Rufus Teague meat rub. Smoked on the wsm at 250° using kbb and mesquite chunks. Took it to 160° IT before foiling with apple juice, teriyaki marinade, and Weber bbq sauce. Then took it too 203° IT, pulled off the smoker, and rested for about 3 hours. I really should have watched a video on how to trim a brisket prior to smoking on my first attempt. Really good flavor, except the fat was too thick on parts. I had to peel the fat wads, and subsequently a lot of seasoning, off the meat. But I was pretty happy with it overall.
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Looks good!  Just trim the fat to about 1/4" and you're good to go. 

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Looks good from my vantage point!


You'll learn each time you cook a brisket, that's part of the fun.

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Definitely need to trim the fat. But the meat itself was moist and tender
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Arrogant bastard has a flavor somewhere between used diesel engine oil and turpentine infused valerian root. I had a bottle once...once.
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How long did you smoke it
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Looks good, always fun to smoke a brisket !!!   or anything else



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Arrogant bastard is an acquired taste and it gets the job done. Smoked the brisket about six and a half hours. Can't wait to do it again.
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