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Cold smoking

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I am a newbie to smoking and the forum. Looks great and already picked up lots of help.
I have just made myself a cold smoker using a Venturi type smoke generator. I have been looking at recipes and have received a couple of Jeffs newsletters with the recipes. My question is as most of them are for hot smoking am I able to follow the recipe and cold smoke then cook in the oven as normal
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fenn Welcome to SMF we have a section for cold smoking take a look.

I have a dozen hard boiled eggs cold smoking now


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Cold smoking uncured raw meat can be dangerous. That being said, an hour of cold smoke, <90°F, followed by immediate finishing in the oven is acceptable. Temps near or above 90 can cause rapid growth of bacteria generating toxin that may not be effected by the finishing in the oven. Cold smoking Injected meat is even more risky.


An hour does not put a lot of flavor on the meat. Why bother? You can get great results hot smoking, even 4 hours, and finishing in the oven. All with no risk to you or your family...JJ

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I would only risk it if meat is farm raised or like deer venison.
The bacteria levels on processed meat in any super market or butcher shop can have so many parts bacteria to meat ratio which still meets USDA standards.
Also I recommend brining all meat atleast 24 hours to draw out the blood. For cold smoking.

BE Careful
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Thanks for replies. If it is dangerous what about smoking bacon. Is this different because it has been cured first.
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Originally Posted by fenn View Post

Thanks for replies. If it is dangerous what about smoking bacon. Is this different because it has been cured first.

If the meat is cured properly it can be cold smoked.Uncured meat can be smoked at higher temps 225* and up,I prefer 240 for hot smoking.

For safety you want the hot smoked meat to go from 40* to 140* in 4 hrs or less.

Browse the pages do a lot of reading.


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Yes, you cure bacon for up to several weeks. And the salt and Nitrates cause the meet to cure.

NOW IF YOU CAN SMOKE AT A 100-125 degrees with air circulation you can do jerky
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Understand now. Thanks.
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Fenn, If you have not already, take the free 5 day Ecourse. There is lots of info on smoking. Ask as many question as you like we are here to help...JJ

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