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My first Pork Loin

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Good morning.

Last week Saturday HEB had pork loins on sale when I happened to be there, so I picked one up for about $17.00 or so.  These things are huge!  Anyhow, I actually only smoked half of it and vacuum sealed and froze the other half for later on down the road.


I kept it simple with just kosher salt and coarse ground pepper.  I fired up my Wrangler pit with a chimney full of regular ol' Kingsford charcoal and added a few splits of pecan.  In half an hour (about 3:00PM) the pit was rolling at 250.  I threw the loin on along with two split chicken breasts to chop up for chicken salad later in the week.


Every half hour or so I spritzed with a concoction of flat coke that my girlfriend's 14 year old didn't finish that morning, apple cider vinegar, and a few splashes of soy sauce.


Both the loin and chicken were done at about the same time, at around 2 3/4 hours (5:45).  I pulled the loin of when it hit 145 and it so happened that the chicken was a little over 170.

I let the loin rest under some foil for about half an hour or so while the girlfriend made up some Spanish rice, Ranch Style Beans, and Mac & Cheese.



Good Lord was this good!!!!  I have direct orders from the girls that I will be doing it again!!


Thanks for looking and Beat the Hell Out of Arizona State!!!!!!

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Looks Great, Mags!!:drool


Mighty Tasty!!:drool


Nice Job!!Thumbs Up




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Hey Mags


That loin looks real tasty.  Nice smoke.



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