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New Thermapen mk4

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ThermoWorks just introduced the new Thermapen mk4 for $99.  Reponse time remains the same at "3 seconds (reads to within 1°F of final temperature of an ice bath in 3 seconds)"


The prior version is now the "classic" with a "new low price" of $79.  At least they didn't scr@w over the folks who bought them on sale or on closeout in recent weeks; 15%-off sale price and the close out prices were $79.  


Personally I'm happy with my $25 Lavatools Thermawand.  Its spec is "4-5 seconds to within 1°F of final temperature in moving boiling water" and that extra 1-2 seconds doesn't bother me.  I'd possibly think differently if I were competing or doing this commercially and had to take a lot of readings all day long.  

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Eh. I have the "Classic" Thermapen and it works great. I also have the Lava Tools Thermawand, and it works great too. 

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I have the original and love it, but the rotating display and backlight make this one pretty intriguing.
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Me too for the Lava Tools Thermawand, and it works great at a great price. Gets the job done! 

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I wish i would have seen this post earlier, i just got the email from Thermaworks about it and then i see that its been out for a few months now. I'm tryin to figure out what the removable part in the back is all about. It looks like maybe the batter and what looks like a circuit chip is stored back there? They dont really elaborate on the site and only have one image of it

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Ah! It helps to click around haha! 

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