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Thanks. I'm pretty happy with the results.

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Looks great. I do like the j channel idea, it would prevent the shelves from tipping and falling out with weight on them might use that on the next build this winter
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Thanks. The J channel does work well. It holds up the partially pulled shelves while I spritz. I used two metal screws per channel, out near the ends, and that seems to be adequate with two racks of ribs per shelf.  I also used the J channel to cover the exposed insulation around the sides of the tub and then I covered that with the foil tape. I used the tape that's rated up to 350 degF. It doesn't look as professional as most of the other conversions, but it was cheap and the taste of the food is what matters to me.

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What gauge j-channel was it that you used for 4 tracks?
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And j-channel is just aluminum correct?
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So cedar eater I have 2 questions for you.

The J channel, would it hold it's integrity with say a 10 pork butt on out?

And second, what did you use to skin your door? If that mobile home skirting?

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Sorry about missing the earlier questions. The J channel is 29 ga. painted steel.


It's commonly used with vinyl siding and pole barn metal roofing and siding , which is what I used to skin the door.


The paint on both is a very hard, high-heat baked enamel. I would not use it for direct food contact, but it is getting a very nice patina on it. I heat to around 300F between smokes to cook the spatter and spritz mist thoroughly. Each shelf easily handles two racks of spareribs. I think they would easily handle a 10 lb. load, but you might want to add a third mounting screw per each rail. I can set the shelves either inside the rails, so they can be partially pulled out without tipping out, or they can be set on top of the J-channels. Here is a pic of the smoker holding 9 racks of ribs on 5 shelves with drip pans on the bottom shelf.


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Great looking build. Do you have any info / pictures on your exhaust stack. I'm trying to come up with something for my build and striking out.

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Thanks. The exhaust stack is just 3" galvanized water heater vent stack. I had a 90 degree section, a vent cap and about 2' of straight stack that I cut into an 6" section and an 18" section. I made about twelve 1" cuts on the end of the 8" straight section and bent the metal between them to make tabs. I drilled through the tabs and the back of the interior of the smoker. I then used 1/2" sheet metal screws to fasten the short stack inside the stove. I added the 90 degree section, the other straight section and the cap. I'll try to get a pic the next time I get near it.

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