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Akorn Boston butt

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I'm doing a 10lb Boston butt in a Akorn Kamado. I'm figuring about 1.5 hours per pound @225 , is that about right ? I bought a tiptop temp controller and tried out all day Saturday and it really seems to lock the temp in.
Planning to start at 11 the night before to eat at 4 the next day. Is this about right. When should I foil ?
I'm really impressed so far with this Kamado style smoker so far.
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At 225°-250°F, I and many here plan on 2 hours per pound plus a 2 hour pad to cover the unexpected. If done early wrap in foil and towels and rest up to 5 hours in a small cooler. Most foil around 160-170°F, about 6-7 hours in depending on the meat. You can wrap in foil, plain or with your fav liquid or place the meat in a pan like a Dutch Oven, with liquid. There is no reason you can't move the foiled/panned meat to your oven. At 300-325, that Butt will finish in a lot less time than sitting in the smoker...Your choice...JJ

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Im with Jimmy. You will be at 2hr per lb at that temp. Foil if you want to around the 170* range. I like heavy bark so I dont foil but if there happens to be crazy long stall I will wrap her late and finish in oven at 300*
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Well it's a 9lb butt. Also the is removed. So 18 hrs ?
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Just a little nervous. Last time I smoked a bone in shoulder that was 8lb in my electric mes and it was about 16 hr total. But I really want to try the Akron with the lump charcoal and wood chunks. I also got a tip top temp control that seems to work.
I would of gotten a bone in butt but that was all they had.
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It may go less, could go longer. The biggest issue is maintaining temp in the smoker. Remember, you can always do the cooler rest if done early...JJ

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Be forewarned that lump burns faster than briquettes. Be prepared to reload with more lump during the cook, even with a temp
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In a properly sealed Akorn , you should easily be able to do that on one load of lump. (I've gone 20 hours on a BGE Large which is the same size, the secret to the Akorn is just making sure you are sealed up correctly) 


Below 250 you are looking at 2 hours per pound, remember to set up for indirect!

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I'm into 15hrs and hit the stall at 195. Hasn't burned much lump at all. It's amazing how little it burns.
Last night I did the temp chasing thing , need to just leave it alone !!! That's what I learned last night ! Finally stopped screwing with It and it settled at 235. I haven't foiled it. May just run up to 205 then put in a tin pan and cover with foil for a he or two. Does that sound good ?
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I would pull at 200 as temp will rise a little while resting
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I have an Akorn  ....  for a butt i cook about 250-275°F to 160°F, foil, then on the gasser 'till 205F,  unfoil for 45 minutes to an hour to stiffen up the bark, if desired! Rest an hour or so and pull!

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Why not just finish cooking in the alien?
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Coal cost $1#    last propane fill for 20# tank was $6  so ....

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