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Hey guys i'm going to be doing my first tailgate smoke for The Iowa State football game this weekend.  GO Clones!!!   The game starts at 7 and we are going to be getting into our spot around 10am.   I was going to smoke a couple fatties and some ABT's right away on my mini wsm.   So that should get done around 1 pm i'm thinking


My question is what should i put on afterwards?  Ideally looking for something that can feed 12-15 people on a mini wsm and takes around 3- 4 hours.  Thoughts?  

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Some of Dutchs Wicked baked beans always gets great comments and recipe requests.

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Tailgaiting would be a good chance to cook up a big 'ol batch of chicken wings!  Lots of great wing recipes can be found on these forums, but my favorite is a variation of Scarbelly's Wings:


If you go hot and fast, you could also do some racks of spareribs in 4 hours or backs in even less time.


Have fun at the game, and happy tailgaiting!  Thumbs Up



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