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First maple smoked bacon

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This was the first time I've smoked bacon. I've been smoking some other pork, ribs, loins, fresh hams, as we just butchered one of our American Guinea Hogs 2 weeks ago.

I decided to an AMNPS, which I love, and found a used propane master built vertical. I use a cast iron pizza pan on top of the chip tray that comes with the unit and have been pleased with the heat distribution.

I was trying to do a cold smoke ke, but it's been near 90 here, especially in the hot afternoon sun, do even without the propane burning, it was getting up over 100. I'll have to try another cold smoke when it's cold outside. I brined for 10 days, remembered to taste test for saltiness and only had to soak it twice to reduce the saltiness, put on garlic powder, onion powder and pepper. I used hickory pellets and smoked for 12 hours. There wasn't envy grease in the drip tray, but I still want to try another cold smoke this fall or winter.

Neat, I want to try and smoke some chorizo sausage sticks from all the ground pork we now have.

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Great looking bacon! I have 4 bellies in the freezer waiting for it to cool down enough to smoke. I really prefer cold smoked bacon over hot smoked.


There are some good chorizo recipes here like this one:


Here's a simple breakfast sausage seasoning. I always have a batch of this on hand to add to ground pork.

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Yes, I wanted to do a cold smoke, but the hot weather wouldn't cooperate and I was impatient to try my hand at bacon.

I'll definitely try out some of those chorizo recipes!
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I'm always trying to spread the word about how easy it is to make your own breakfast sausage. That salt-pepper-sage combination will put you into the traditional flavor, then tinker with that as you like.

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Bacon looks good. I prefer a warm smoke at 120 degrees. Takes on smoke quicker and still doesn't render any fat.
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Nice looking Bacon, Coberdor!!:drool


Looks Fine from my house!!Thumbs Up


Nice Job!------------:points:


Like Adam, I like Warm Smoked Bacon (100° to 130°) more than Hot or Cold Smoked. Takes on Smoke better & doesn't Render any Fat. IMHO




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Thanks everybody for the compliments.

Warm smoked is what it kept getting too. The flavor is awesome! Nice and smokie.

I need to get a needle valve for my propane smoker to help regulate the low. If kept at the lowest point, my smoker gets up to 150-200, depending on how hot out it was. Started out fine, early in the morning, but as temperatures climbed to 90 outside, the smoker climbed towards 200, so I turned off the propane.

Ive been smoking a lot of pork, since we butchered 4 of our hogs this summer.

I also need a meat slicer. Any recommendations?
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