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New to the Forums. First smoker purchase as well!

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Hi all, My names Scott. I live in the suburbs of Kansas City MO. I've been smoking on my little Stok charcoal grill for awhile now, but decided to take a jump and purchase a 16" smoker since I don't move around much anymore like I did in my early 20's. 


After looking through craigslist for good deals I stumbled upon someone selling a 16" New Horizon. Looked to be an older model and had no marking or plaques on it but made out of 1/4 inch steel and has been well taken care of. After getting it to the price I wanted I had my Dad help me load it and unload it from his truck to my place. That's a whole other story. I have since fired her up to get moister out and grease up the firebox and plan on doing my first cook this Saturday. I have a couple pork butts sitting and waiting. 

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texas.gif  Good morning and welcome to the forum, from a nice day in East Texas, and the best site on the web. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything.



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I appreciate it. Tomorrow I'll be firing up the new smoker for the first time. Slab of spare ribs!

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welcome aboard !!


remember to post pic's ..... we all like them


Keep On Smokin,


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