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OK --  Here it is. (I had said in my Bologna, Ribs, Beans and Stuffed Jalapenos thread, I Would Post Bologna separate)



5 lb. chubs of ground beef were on sale and I was wanting to make Beef Bologna So…….




Seasoning for 5 lbs. Bologna

5# Ground Beef

1 cup (8oz.)  Ice water

7.5 tsp - TQ

½ TB - White Pepper

1 Tb - Paprika

½ TB  - Nutmeg

½ tsp - Allspice

½ tsp - Onion Powder

1 tsp - Ground Coriander

1 cup (8 oz) -  Powder Milk



I mixed the TQ (Tender Quick) thoroughly into the hamburger met and let rest in the fridge for about an hour, while I mixed the other ingredients and had another cup of coffee.   

Removed the meat from Fridge,  divided into 5 equal amounts .

Put first batch into processor and turned it on, add a little water to help it emulsify.

I did remaining batches the same. 

Took remaining water (I had a ¼ cup left so I added another ¼ mixed in the dry ingredients to make a slurry.

Poured slurry over meat and mixed and mixed and mixed.

Then back in the fridge for a while. (I had another project going)

Got out my trusty stuffer, rubbed a little EVOO around the rubber seal, a Little on a paper towel and wiped the inside of the stuffer.

Soaked my Bologna casing for about an hour, (Nice and pliable)

Filled the stuffer and pumped the casing full.

Packed it down really buy taping it on the counter and twisting the open end.

Once tight I tied the open end and cut off excess casing.

Back in the fridge till tomorrows smoke.



6:00 AM Pulled Bologna out of Fridge to warm up before Smoking

7:00 AM smoker running at 120 ° put on the Bologna. I don’t have the    headroom to hang vertical so I improvise and go horizontal.

Cooked an hour with no smoke.

8:30 AM bumped temp to 135 ° and added pecan

9:30 AM bumped again to 150 °

10:30 AM bumped again to 175 °

1:00 PM the IT was 155 ° to 160 °

Removed from smoker and put in water bath for about an hour.

Let cool a little more on the counter then in the fridge for tomorrows slicing.



A lot going on, but managed to get Bologna sliced and bagged around 5:00 PM


Here are the Pics




Everything out and ready to go




All seasoning (Except for the TQ) mixed and waiting



5 lbs ground beef with 7.5 tsp of TQ mixed in and refrigerated for about an hour.




In the Food processor adding a little water as needed





A couple of batches after the food processor




All finished with the food processor




Mixed remaining water plus about a 1/4 cup more with the dry ingredients to form

a slurry, Mixed, mixed, mixed untill completely mixed


Back into my container with a lid for a bit, till I am ready to stuff.






Close UP





Bologna casing soaking




And my trusty stuffer




Stuffer full, ready to go



5 lbs into the casing



Smoker warming up













Sorry no water bath or resting in the fridge pics But ready to slice





Looks good (Had to give it a taste test,  Turned out just the way I like it.




Sliced up and ready for vacuum sealing




8 Packages for the freezer, a package and an end chunk in the fridge



Thanks for looking,  This stuff is super easy to make



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Thanks for the info in the post. I want to make this.

What size casing is that?
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Looks awesome Gary, this is on my to do list for sure ! Nice job ! icon14.gif

Also like Adam, wondering what size casing as it looks perfect size !
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Originally Posted by c farmer View Post

Thanks for the info in the post. I want to make this.

What size casing is that?

A little over 4.5  got them from LEM 


These fibrous casings are perfect for stuffing bologna and other larger sized sausages. The fiber in these casings run lengthwise so they can be stuffed tighter without breaking. Can be stuffed to 4.69" in diameter. Comes in a bundle of six.



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Thanks Guys



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I have to say, not because I made this, but this Bologna is hands down 10 times better than what you buy at the grocery store.

The wheels are already spinning  next time Jalapeno bologna ??  maybe



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Looks great Gary, nice smoke!

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Yep yep! Been waiting for this one.

Love the hang job and borrowing the recipe!

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Thanks Guys




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Great post. Thanks for sharing.

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Great post Gary.  I've been waiting for this one.  Love bologna--fried, add mustard for a super sandwich.





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Thanks Gary



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Nice bologna Gary............... At the moment you must be full of bologna...............:biggrin:



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Originally Posted by boykjo View Post

Nice bologna Gary............... At the moment you must be full of bologna...............:biggrin:





Thanks Joe,     Tha'ts not what my wife says I'm full of !!!!

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Gary you normally make good stuff but this is impressive.  Well done man.

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Lookin Good buddy!  On my list to try.  List is getting longer!  Keep Smokin!


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Gary what slicer is that?

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Great looking texture and color, Gary. I may have to buy a stuffer. Have never made any sausage, bologna or any stuffed meat. Man, you're really raising the bar. I need to get busy. Joe points.gif
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Sorry I'm Late!


That looks Awesome, Gary!!:drool


Man--I'd be frying some of that up right now, if I could reach it !!:drool


The texture looks like that exact mix would make Great Hot Dogs too!!:sausage:


Outstanding Post, Gary!!Thumbs Up-----------------:points:




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Thanks Bear.  You can control the texture you want by the amount of water and time in the Food processor, I try not to use too much water Just watch it and add a little bit at a time till I'm happy



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