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Weekend cooks....

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Home all weekend so I planned some cooks to help further get to know my 18"wsm. Saturday I did a chicken, i split a whole bird in half and brined it overnight. I wanted to avoid rubber skin at all cost so I let the bird sit on a cooling rack in the fridge after I pulled it out of the brine. I set my wsm up to cook uds style, meat over the coals with no heat shield, I started the bird skin side down for 40 mins, then flipped it over and finished it, sauced it lightly with about 15 minutes to go.....end result was delicious. Wsm worked great with no heat shield. I kept it at 300-315 pretty easily. Used frontier lump coals and no wood. I love the fat dripping on the coals go to chicken method from now on!!!!
Today I have beef clod heart on the wsm, no heat shield.....wish me luck!
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Krex, good luck with the heart.  If that turns out as tasty as your chicken look you'll do fine.


Have a great evening.



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Rex, That's some good looking bird. Good skin and great color. Good luck with the clod. Joe
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Thanks for the kind words fellas.....the clod heart came pretty well, I ended up smoking it with beech wood, which is an underrated smoke wood. I foiled it at 165 and pulled it off at 190, it cooked a lot faster than I expected there was no stall whatsoever. So it sat in the old cooler for a few hours before dinner. I'll definitely be buying that cut again, pretty reasonably priced and very good flavor. I'm thinking that cut could also be served medium rare and be plenty tender. I forgot to take a pic of the nice slices before we ate....but I did snap a pic of the leftovers lol
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The chicken looks great! I'm trying to perfect chicken on my WSM. So, you did not us the water bowl at all?

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I didn't have anything between the chicken or the beef and the coals . I was able to keep the temps pretty much anywhere I wanted them fairly easily
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