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Galvanised tanks

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Whats the story with using a galvanised propane tank? I'm looking at a 120 gal vertical tank that has a galvanised finish to it. Can it be used? Whats the process to make it safe to use?



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Zinc on the outside is fine... Welding to it may make you sick.. It's a really nauseating sick... you won't want it again... I've had it.... I thought it was a lot worse than the flu.... chemical poisoning does really weird stuff to your body...
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Is soaking in HCl (Muriatic Acid) solution or sandblasting an option? Most LPG tanks in Australia appear galvanized . I have a very experienced welder doing the work so we should be safe enough

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Your welder will know how to deal with it... I usually just grind the weld zone...
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