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Cheese after smoke

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Quick question for you,guys, after i smoke my cheeae should i wipe the moisture off when letting it sit on the counter or no??? Thanks in advance
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 I do, just because I have found the oily Sweat can have a bitter taste...JJ

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Smoked or not, always dry the outside of cheese before putting in the fridge. Moisture promotes mold. Blot with a paper towel, pressing lightly. If the towel becomes damp, blot again.
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I would suggest patting dry rather than wiping though.
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I also like to put it in the fridge uncovered over night to dry it out a little further. Seems to do the trick. Then I Vaccuum seal and wait patiently until it's time to rip them open and enjoy. Can't wait for some cooler weather!
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All the above are good answers.  If moisture appears, I personally do not intentionally take the moisture off as I can't see taking off what just took time putting on. There are many variables that can cause moisture on cheese such as the temp difference between the smoke, smoker, cheese along with the ambient temp and humidity, type of smoke generator and of course wood.  The trick to eliminating moisture is coming up with the right combination.  If possible experiment using different equipment and keep detailed notes on any changes and the results.  


Vacuum pack your cheese in several packages and allow to cure for different periods of time before sampling, depending on the thickness, two weeks is a very short time to cure for optimum results.  Only time will tell.


Good luck and enjoy your cheese.



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Thanks for the responses, but sorry i dodnt clarify i was meaning moisture from the,fridge when i am done resting it not the oily type from the cheese but,the condensation
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yes pat the moisture from condensation off!   I've never had it gather moisture sitting in the frig myself!  How warm is your cheese getting when u cold smoke it?

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