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2nd pork butt

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Doing my second butt, was going to put in a foil pan, but elevate it up off the bottom. Won't cover it till about 160, and figure the juices will be enough, maybe add a beer or home apple juice.

What do you guys think?

It's a boneles cut, so also may have to tie to keep from opening up
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Yeah.  You should get enough juice from the drippings, but if you want, by all means add a beer or some juice and pull it at 205*



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Pulled at 205 after covering for about a hour. Very tasty, in the crockpot now to keep warm for dinner

Here is a pic, and the rubs I used. About 75/25 with the rub, the Brazilian is quite spicy![IMG]
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Nice smoke ! icon14.gif
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Can't go wrong on the treager!
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