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First Tri-Tip (finally)

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Not easy to find tri tip around here in Raleigh, but managed to grab a couple at the meat house, roughly 2lbs each.Covered them with Worcestershire sauce (just the normal stuff, forgot to grab the thick) and my basic beef/brisket rub.



Tossed them on the smoker at about 223-250 and let the smoke for about 1.5 hours until an IT of 135 then threw them on the sear burner on my gas grill for a few minutes each side then pulled, wrapped in foil and rested for about 20 minutes.





Sliced up, then off to the bar with some smoked mac & cheese and some ribs for a great Sunday snack. Everyone enjoyed it but spent most the time explaining that it wasn't brisket and what tri tip was.


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Looks tasty! How much per pound? I couldn't find any often the got them for $7.99 then summer hit they jacked the price to $10.99😕. Luckily our local GFS started to carry them in bulk packs six per only $4.95.
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Here they were $11.99 per pound, the meathouse was the only spot i was able to find them in, but next time i might try the farmer's market.

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