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7# Butt

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Setting up for a 7# pork butt smoke for me and the crew at work. I plan to smoke fat side up this time, just because. I've also never brined before, so that's on the docket. One question though? Should I rub after I rinse the pork and dry r? Or is that too much seasoning? Here are some pics until I strike up the smoker tomorrow. Oh! Brine is apple cider vinegar, and a mixture of Stubbs pork rub and old bay seasoning.Should make for an interesting flavor.

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Definitely add the rub after you're finished brining and the butt is dried. Pork butts can take a lot of seasoning even if brined.  

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Ok, thanks!

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11 hrs. later and she's almost done. Pics will be posted soon.

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Here she is! IT was 195 when pulled. Rested two hours and the bone slid right out. Nice solid bark on her too. In the notebook, I'll put to pull her at 200-203 next time to firm the middle up a little more. The family actually enjoys it a little moist and mushy, but they can babysit this smoker for 11 hrs instead :pot:


I have more than this but extras went in a gallon freezer bag. This is more than enough to eat tonight and have leftovers.

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Nice smoke ! icon14.gif
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