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Introducing Myself, as suggested

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Hi.  I´m Jonathan P., handle El Toro Furioso from Jalisco, Mexico.  I retired at 53 in 2003 and we moved full time to Mexico 10 years ago.  I did some smoking when we still lived in New York on a Brinkmann water smoker, the $45 USD kind.  I had great results with a variety of things from wild salmon filets to up to two 14 pound turkeys at once, brined then rubbed with a marinade under the skin for another 12 plus hours before smoking.  We recently drove to the US where I picked up a Smokin´ It No. 2 electric smoker.  I love it.  Then I found a barely used MES 40 inch with window at a charity bazaar.  I love it so far too.  We live 6 months of the year in a home we bought on the beach in La Manzanilla del Mar on the Tenacatita Bay and the other half of the year on Lake Chapala outside of Guadalajara.  So now I have an electric smoker for each house.  I won´t have to haul the Smokin´It back and forth like I had planned.  Will be testing the MES next week with baby back ribs.  I´ll use the Smokin´ It rib hooks that came with the smoker and just hang the racks from the top grate.  Having the window has got to be a good thing, at least reassuring that havoc isn´t taking place inside that tight-sealed box.  I´m looking forward to learning as much as possible from the more experienced members of Smoking!

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Jonathan P, welcome to SMF!  Sounds like you're living the dream!  Have fun with the smokers and keep everyone smiling at the table.


Glad you are here.



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Welcome Jonathan!!  :welcome1:


Great to have you join us!! Thumbs Up


Here are a whole bunch of things you can do with that MES 40, in Step by Step form:


Just click on "Bear's Step by Steps".




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Welcome from SC, Toro from El Gato Grande
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texas.gif  Good morning and welcome to the forum, from a nice day in East Texas, and the best site on the web. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything.



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