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24 inch offset smoker build - Page 2

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Exactly why I picked it lol I agree with you 100%. I feel like 1/4 inch would be more for like a trailer/smoker build but idk that's just my opinion.
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Added some rails and built one rack but ran out of angle have to get has been super busy so I haven't gotten much done on it hopefully after the holidays I'll have some time to get a bunch done.
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Originally Posted by OsiRis View Post

Just got two three inch river country thermometers, next week I'm gonna be cutting angles for my grates and also five inch pipe for my stack so hopefully I'll have some more pics up next week



Great build so far, suggestions on the thermos,



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Those look nice
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I like the Franken smoker name.

I'm no bbq expert, but it seems your door is huge.

I made some smaller grills so you could lift them out. I used 3/8 solid square stock. With the 911 expanded metal. More then strong enough. Advantage is lower profile. Which gives you more room.
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Just picked up an old propane tank today. Has almost same measurements as your tank. Will be watching close hoping to build almost exact same design without the insulation. Also picked up some S.S. grate to use in it. will try to post pics on my own thread so I'm not hi-jacking this one!

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Your grill looks fantastic, have you gotten a lot of use? I'm building a 24 inch. I was wondering what angle did u use for the legs. I'm new the welding side of this, trying to get all the help I can get. Thanks
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It's still in the process I haven't has any time lately I've been out of state for work I'm hoping to get back at it soon and I used 3x3x1/8 inch square tubing for the legs :)
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Ok sorry it has taken me a while to respond. I did get the legs on the smoker. Thanks alot. I will upload pics on my progress soon.
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Hey I'm glad I could help :) good luck with your build.    and yea I've been out of state for work on and off for the past couple of months haven't had any time to work on it next weekend I should have a decent chunk of time to get some stuff done. 

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Got some time off to do a little more to it mounted the stack and got the door ready for welding.

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Got allot done today got both doors set and welded on. I used a hatchet for my handle. All that's left is some odds and ends stuff, damper and gasket for the firebox, and clean and paint and it's pretty much done!! :)
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Well I broke my foot a couple weeks ago so I haven't been able to finish it yet. Once I'm all healed I'm gonna put some finishing touches on it and season it and get my first cook under my belt
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That's a really nice build, you have some great fabrication skills.


Hope your foot heals up soon and you can get some meat in that baby!


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Thank you I really appreciate it! There's a couple odds and ends stuff and paint left and stuff. I can't wait to fire her up lol. 

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Well it's been a long time since I last posted, it's been a crazy winter healed up from my broken foot, works been crazy, but I have some time to finish it up within the next week or two I should be firing her up, I'll post pics as soon as I can!
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Well today is the day finally firing her up for the first time it's a long time coming. I have a 7 pound pork butt, threw a nice simple rub on it and an easy injection, so far its looking pretty good just spritzed it with some apple juice and am about an hour an a half away from wrapping it in some foil. So Excited!!
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First time on the smoker was a success!!
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Nice man that's a clean looking smoker! What wood were you using? How did it maintain temps?
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