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First Boston butt!

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Trying my first butt today it's a 4lb bone in, I injected it last night along with the rub and wrapped and into the frig for 12 hrs. Heated the smoker to 230 and in it went for sind 7.5 to 8 hrs or until 205 IT.
prior to going into the smoker, will try to get a half way thru pic later today.
9 hours later this is the result! IT was 206 pulled it out and let it rest and pulled.

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Man, that looks good! I'm about to start a butt thread myself today. Did it turn out fork tender or was it dry at 206 degrees? I plan to pull mine at 200 or until the probe slides through like warm butter.

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It pulled right apart...the bone wiggled right out nice and clean also.
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That looks good to me neighbor, a little more info would be nice,type smoker ,rub,injection liquid.


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I went very basic since it was my first butt I used onion powder garlic salt pepper and paprika. I injected with straight apple juice just to keep it moist. I used an mes 30 and add stated before around 9 hours to complete. I'm actually sitting on the beach with my little Weber grill heating the leftovers right now!
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That has earned you a point,looks nice and moist also.




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Great looking PP--nice and moist and juicy.  Pretty impressive bark too, coming out of a MES.  Great job.





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