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Originally Posted by sawinredneck View Post

I have the exact smoker posted above, if I had the money to do it, I'd go 1/4"/6mm as well. More steel, more heat retention, more steel more insulation, more steel less problems with it rusting/burning out. I could go on but I think you get the idea.
If you can afford the extra cost now, it will pay in huge dividends in the long run.

My thoughts exactly Thumbs Up

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When I bought mine from Costo in the UK a couple of years ago it was a 2 man lift getting it in & out of the car, as it weighs 77 Kg's (170 lbs)  and then had to assemble it at home. It is mobile but it is heavyTo be honest I would have the main body 6mm thick (1/4 inch) thick on the main body and uses thinner steel on the legs. The only mods that I have done is added a deflector plate near the opening of the firebox and sealed up a couple of gaps.


Have a look at the following link which gives you the specs which might save you some time at the design stage, in addition if you click on the "owners manual tab" it gives you the entire parts lists.

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You may want to rethink not putting the pit on wheels of some sort. An empty 200 u.s. gal  tank weighs in at 400 lbs .

 when you start adding RF plate, stack . fire box , etc  you will be closer to 600 lbs ?

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You will definitely need wheels on it, or at least at one end.  Mine weighs in at 77 Kg (170 lbs) and can be difficult to move depending on what surface I am moving it on.

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Smokewood, Eman, Sawinredneck,
Thanks for your input guys, appreciate the advice
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Oops...sent that prematurely!..... I was going to say..... I've done some more calcs, and was considering compromising with 5mm plate, which would bring the gross weight in at around 160kg (approx 350lbs) which is probably the absolute limit of what I'd want to lift between two people, would be a lot safer if I resign myself to building a trolley for it too, so I may still go 6mm.
As for the smoker dimensions, I've decided to go for a 48" x 24" Dia. Chamber with 24" x 24" x 24" firebox, but Feldon's calculator is saying I need a 6" dia. Stack to keep a sensible length, which seems massively oversize? Any thoughts on this?
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It's all down to the airflow and the movement of heat , smoke and O2 through the chambers.  The Feldons calculator seems to be the Bible of BBQ/Smoker design, so if they says 6" I would go with it. The last thing you want is back flow.


I put my calculations through the feldons calculator and the only recommendation  it made was to shorten the stack by a couple of inches which I didn't seem to think was worth it, as I would have to re-weld the rain plate back on the chimney stack.

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I have just put your calculations through Feldons calculator.  I just want to make sure that I have the correct information, You are making a cylinder cooking chamber 48" long and 24" in diameter?  Therefore your cooking chamber will be 21703.68 cubic inches,(and your firebox should be 1/3 of the cooking chamber size) so you will need a firebox 7234.56 cubic inches, or the nearest I can get to it is 19.5" x 19.5" x 19.5" which is 7234.56 cubic inches, and not 24" x 24" x 24".


The feldons calc that I am using does not specify a specific chimney pipe diameter size, you just add your own diameter pipe, and the calculator lets you know what length it has to be, so for a 4 inch pipe cut to 28.76 inches, and a 5" pipe it is cut to 18.41" 


I am using this calculator:

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You are welcome for the help, but I'm pretty much out of my depth from here on! But, one thing I have read is its ok to go oversize on the fire box dimensions. Just what I've read, others will correct me if I'm wrong.
Good luck with your build, I'm excited to see it come to light!
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I agree with sawinredneck, I am certainly no expert and I would hate for you to have a firebox that is too small.  Personally I would seek additional advice before you commit yourself otherwise it could end up being a costly mistake, after all what is a couple of inches between friends :biggrin:

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