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Fresh ham tips?

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Saturday smoking two fresh hams not cured just rub them any smoking, I know they won't have traditional ham flavor I'm OK with that,just wondering what expect what kind of game plan to have there over 10 pnds each.
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I trim any fat that needs to be gone, slather with yellow mustard, rub heavily, smoke at 225-250 until I reach the IT that I want.  I take it out at 150 IT, wrap it, let it rest a bit, and then slice.  Depending on the size of the hams, and the bones, it may take quite a few hours to cook completely, plan for that.


As you said, there won't be a ham flavor, but it's a killer pork roast!

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Could it be pulled?
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Could it be pulled?

If you bring the IT up to 200* or more or more it will pull.Test with a tooth pick at around 200* ,when it goes in,like a knife in butter your good.Post some pics when it is done.


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