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Hey guys,


Long time lurker, first time poster.




I just got an old fridge and decided to try and build a smoker from it.





As you can see, it was plastic on the inside, and it has a bunch of fiberglass insulation.


So I removed everything, but here is where I may or may not have messed up. 


After removing the insulation, I decided to line the fridge with plywood.




Now, I have no idea why I did that. Maybe because I thought it looked better, maybe because I did not like all the rust on the sides, but it's done now.


Here is what I did with the rest. The bottom is just old disposable cookie trays.




I just bought the racks and will be finishing this thing shortly.


Ok, now that you've seen this very obvious rookie-build, I have a few questions.


1) Was it a bad idea to line the fridge with plywood? I see a lot of homemade wood smokers and thought it would be ok.


2) I was essentially going to use the same kind of set up as my brikmann charcoal smoker. Charcoal and wood chips in a stainless steel bowl at the bottom, bowl of water or ice above it, then the meats/fish/cheeses or whatever, on the racks above the water bowl.


3) Again with the plywood - Am I safe to smoke things like ribs or pork shoulders in there? I'm guessing it'll get up to 200 degrees, maybe 225. Is this ok? Or did I just build a dangerous fire pit?


4) If you suggest I remove the wood, should I line the walls with anything? 


Ok, thanks for any and all help guys.


Im used to working with my beat up old 'Big Chief' and my charcoal Brikmann. I figured those were such simple designs that I could build my own. I'm just worried about the wood.


Here is some sockeye and a few cheesesI did last winter in those 2 previously mentioned smokers:



Thanks for looking and helping out.