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4 Fatty Weekend

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Hi All,

Made 4 fatties this weekend. Turnout out much better than my first try. Here are all of them:

Fatty #1:

80/10/10 Venison/Beef/Bacon (Base)

Cream Cheese

Mushroom Red-wine reduction sauce

Bacon (Wrap)

Fatty #2:

50/50 Spicy/Sweet Italian Sausage (Base)


Pasta Sauce

Green Peppers



Bacon (Wrap)

Fatty #3:

Ground Beef (Base)

Cheddar Cheese




Bacon (Wrap)

Mustard (Rub)

Fatty #4:

Ground Chicken (Base)

Pesto Sauce

Sun Dried Tomatoes


Prosciutto (Wrap)

All were super delicious! Smoked them for about 2.5 hrs @ 230. Chicken finished pretty quick without the bacon weave. Let me know your thoughts on how to improve.



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GM, they look good to me as ! :points:

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Now the tough part - which one to take the first bite from????


looks great GM - nice variety.  Fatty #1 has my vote

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Looks tasty!

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