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Pulled Pork Pizza

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Had some left over pulled pork from the weekend, the wife decided to make pizza with the leftovers. Boy was it good, never had one before,sure it won't be the last one. Only hiccup was, we brain farted and put it in the over instead of the pellet grill...
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Looks tasty! I like a light sauce under and then some fresh lightly on top it seems to keep the pork and cheese from sliding off to easily while eating.
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That looks really great! I haven't made pizza in a while and you just gave me an idea on how to use up some leftovers.
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Nice job, it looks awesome!  Had my first one the other day.  We had some leftover PP from the weekend and my buddy put BBQ sauce, PP, onion, bell pepper and banana peppers and cheddar on it and cooked it over charcoal.  Dang good eating!  Nice job!



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