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Leg of Venison

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Anyone smoked a leg of venison before? I've been offered 2 to smoke, one for me and one for the lad that shot them.


Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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Nearest I've done was a full leg of lamb which would have been better if I'd took the IT a bit higher instead of lifting it at 190°, although it was tasty but chewey. Do you know if the legs have been hung at all ?
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Not sure but I'll find out. :)

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Het Gavvy,


Yep I have done some Venison


Remember there's is no fat on them so I would inject a marinade, sear it off and cook at 250f until you reach the IT you want. You could also consider wrapping in Streaky bacon like a Fatty. I did a haunch one Christmas, wrapped in bacon and also wrapped it in foil, it was very tender. I would foil wrap after about 1.5 hours if its going on the smoker just to save any juice.


Hope that helps

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Thanks Kiska, sounds like a plan. 

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