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Skeeter Pee Anyone ?????

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Just wondering how many of you make skeeter pee for the summer bbqs? I think Lons Skeeter Pee recipe is one of the BEST refreshments for the bbqing season. I am down to my last bottle (wine bottle) after having 25 at the beginning of summer. So i am thinking of making a 5 gallon batch to have ready for next spring / summer. So Skeeter Pee Anyone?????

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Recipe? Sounds interesting.
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Thread Starter all info is there

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I made it two years ago.  Bottled them in 12oz beer bottles.  Five gallons gone I think in a few months.  Seems everyone who came over wanted one...two...three...

My lemon tree is FULL this year so I am going to make it again with fresh lemon juice.

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Now I can buy more "stuff" to make "stuff" as the wife would say.

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