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Beautiful Beef, Foam! I love the colour and can almost taste it way up here.




Thank you my friend.......


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Excellent looking roast... knocked it out of the park in fact!


Thank you sir, if it had just been a better cut of meat for carving.


It was really outstanding.


Guys the taste was unbelievable. It was similar to those ribeye racks they hang up and carve off of at a really fancy party or reception. It was great and I am gonna give credit for that to the injection and the non-rub...LOL


My butcher was out tis week, so I just bought a couple a briskets this weekend. When I can visit with her again, I want her ideas on what would be the best cut to do next time. Currently I am thinking maybe an eye of round. I need a couple anyway to get started on the fall jerky Sis's trip.


I am sitting here just thinking about how great a prime rib would be smoked like that. And I always thought the ultimate prime rib was fried with gravy and biscuits for Christmas morning! Pffft.......