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Cure question

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If I buy a roast, I can toss it on the smoker, pull it off when it's 130 at the center, slice and eat. How come if preslice it for jerky and Smoke to 170 I have to cure it first?
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Jerky is cooked (actually dehydrated, not cooked) WAYYYY slower/lower than the roast... the meat will be under 140` IT for much longer than the 4 hr mark...
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Oh so it's the time it's 'just warm' that let's bacteria grow?
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The roast is what is called a "whole muscle"... the interior of the meat is considered sterile... Searing or salting or subjecting the outside of the meat to temps well above 140 F, for 15-20 minutes, kills all surface bacteria... as long as you don't poke, prod, infuse or inject ANYTHING into the meat, it is safe to eat at any temp above 130 ish.....
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OK, that makes sense, thanks!
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