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Made some deviled eggs for a get together yesterday. Hardboiled then peeled and cold smoked with my amnps.
I was going to use my mailbox mod, but decided to place the amnps on the water rack, and leave the bottom door open a crack to aid in airflow. I was hoping to have a couple leftover for a midnight snack, but they were gone in minutes.

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How long did you smoke them for.  I really love deviled eggs.



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I smoked 'em for 1 1/2 hrs. Used maple for this batch.
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what was your thoughts ? more smoke ? to much smoke ? just right ? rubbery ? I see you used pellets... did you monitor smoker temps ?

For me.. I find pellets make it to hot and give a rubbery texture... for that reason I use dust... with dust you have to smoke longer.. 3-4 hrs for me... I also cut the eggs in half before smoking.. this way the yoke takes on some smoke as well... all is good ...
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I used maple pellets and smoked for 1 1/2 hrs... My chamber temps never exceded 90*.
Eggs were not rubbery at all. I did the mailbox mod for my two door dual fuel, but decided to try putting the amnps in the chamber instead. The smoke was spot on in my opinion. But the top of the eggs took on color where the bottoms were white. Not a issue w deviled eggs, but if i needed uniform color, i would recomend turning them half way thruogh. Everyone jas different tastes, but personaly I wouldn't go much over 1 1/2 hrs if using the amsnps.
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Nice batch of eggs!
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