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Lowest Temp for Smoke in MES?

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Deer season is in and I'm adding meat to the freezer so I'm planning to make some summer sausage with leftover venison burger from last year (with ground pork). I'm wanting to use the step up method in my MES 40BT but am curious at what point can I get smoke assuming I'm starting out at 130° and eventually maxing out around 180° or so? I know an AMZNPS would be the ticket but I don't have one yet. I made it years ago just using the oven so I figure if I can get some smoke on it then it would be that much better.


I saw Bearcarver's "Bear Logs" but alas, I'm stuck with whatever smoke the MES can give me at the lower temps....



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you can always put frozen bottles of water in your smoker to keep temps down.

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Hmmm, you got me thinking. Normally I foil the water pan. Maybe I fill it and that would cause the element to work harder and thus get me smoke at the lower temp settings?

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Typically the MES doesn't make much smoke at settings below 180°F, the whole reason A-MAZE-N came to be. The more Ice you get in there the easier it will be. Ice in the water pan or a disposable Roasting pan. Some guys use frozen 1L bottles. You will have to use a separate therm to monitor temps at the racks and play around with the temp but you will get it done...JJ

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Thanks, I like it and am anxious to make a batch but I have to wait on my TQ (I had to order it on line as no one carried it locally) : (

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good luck,let us know how you make out.

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