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best grilling method on my weber genusis..

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I have been using the indirect method on my grill..its a weber genesis and it has three burners front to back..when I look online it says these are side to side burners with controls in front, well mine is not and has side controls..its labeled as EP320 model...anyway this is what I have been doing for some time.

      I use two of the grease catcher foil trays...I kinda fold them around the v shaped diffuser in very front.. then fill one with water and one about half full of hickory pellets...turn all burners on about 3/4 maybe little less. when smoke starts I turn center burner off and go get the burgers or steaks or spatchcocked chicken and put them on the center..and adjust rear burner lower to keep temps according to whats the newyork strip which is my favorite steak and the others turn out so well smoked its like in the smoker....just awesome.. anybody else do this?? jeff

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Different years may have the burners different directions. Mine run front to back and that's how I started smoking then I decided to get a WSM now the gasser cooks burgers,dogs and crips and sears and its most important job is clean my WSM's grates and the side burner for starting the charcoal! I started on the grill thinking I can set it and forget it then I found this site and learned how well the WSM worked and how easy it is to use.
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I have an older Genesis too. I have "smoked" many a rib using the little Weber smoke box and wood chips. Only one burner and its still too hot for low and slow. But it does really good grilled ribs!
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mine does 260 easy and alternating burners keeps good temps...jeff

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