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Tri-tip smoke

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Got a TT going in the smoker.

Used a whatsthisheresauce brown sugar paste then some of Jeff's Texas rub.

Before it went in



I just seared it on the grill. Next pic will be after a rest and ready to eat.

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Should be tasty! Don't forget those finished pics!
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It was good eating. Maybe just a little less rub may have been even better.




This was in the smoker for around 2 hours at about 223 degrees. I let it get to 133 degrees IT. Then 1.5 minutes on a hot grill for each side.

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Great looking Tri Tip! I like to keep them simple, Salt, Pepper, Garlic, sometimes some chipotle.
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I would love to have some of this tri tip! Nice Smoke.



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Tasty looking tritip!
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