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Beef short ribs

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Hi all

Hope your enjoying the beautiful weather. Got my smoker going with some beef short ribs and a few boxes of beer.....perfect.

First time cooking these so not 100% sure what i am doing. I applied a rub of salt, pepper, cayene pepper and garlic last night; now smoking with mesquite. Looked like this when i got them out the fridge:

Then after 3 hours smoking:

Sat at 181F internal temp at the momentand waiting until 195 to test for tenderness.

Im not wrapping in foul, does that really make a difference?
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Hi Jonty,


Nice looking ribs, they have pulled back off the bone well


Yeah I think the foiling and resting does make a lot of difference to tenderness as they braise in their own juices especially as they are individual ribs.


Did some without foil and they had a thicker bark, tender but just not as juicy

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Ah ok cool thats some good info, thank you. will do my next set in some foil after seeing how these end up
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Ended up so good!!!!

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Hi Jonty, nice looking meat on those ribs 👍
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They do look nice mate!

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Hi Jonty,


They look really good. How long did it take to get them to 195 in the end, and what temp did you have the smoker at?

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Hi Robbo


The Smoker was running around 240F for just over 5 hours to get them to 200F internal which is when I pulled them off and put them in a foil tin and covered for 25 minutes.  To be honest I left them to sit a little longer in the smoker due to the disparity in size between some of the ribs.  I took the temp of the largest rib which seemed to work well for that and the others.


They were delicious and I would be interested to see how the method of wrapping them from around 160F to 195F plays out so I will be trying that on my next free weekend (assuming it doesn't rain).  My fiance doesn't really like beef as it tends to be a bit chewy in restaurants etc but she devoured two of the ribs so figured they turned out pretty good.


I have to say the bbq sauce was Jeff's recipe and it was pretty good and complimented it well.  I made up a batch of the normal recipe and then a spicy bbq sauce which is delicious.



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Great, thanks Jonty. When I eventually get around to taking the ribs out of the freezer and getting them on the smoker, I might try foiling them a bit earlier as you suggest.





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just catching up - Jonty, those pics make me hungry...good pullback and color as well.  I am definitely doing beef ribs soon

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Thank you. Seeing them again makes me really want some........when will it stop raining!!

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