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Just got my WSM and did a dry run today. Am cooking a brisket tomorrow night. Get great smoke rings on my Lang, but on YouTube videos I've been watching, it looks like people are having trouble getting smoke rings with the WSM and some even comment about it. Is anyone else having this trouble with the Weber??
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I've gotten smoke rings on mine. Maybe not great but as long as it's tasty I don't care!
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No problem here. 

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My question is this....What difference does it make if you get a smoke ring or not?

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Originally Posted by Damon555 View Post

My question is this....What difference does it make if you get a smoke ring or not?

Absolutely nothing! Still tastes the same!
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You last 2 guys are looking at it from an eating standpoint, not a competition standpoint. And you would be absolutely correct if only looking at it that way.
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In your original post you never mentioned anything about needing a smoke ring for competition. All you asked was about was the lack of smoke ring in the WSM versus the Lang. Two different beasts. One burns wood, one burns charcoal.

Well if you need more smoke ring, you need more wood and less charcoal. The burning of the wood is what gives the meat the smoke ring.

For the WSM if you want a deeper smoke ring burn lump only add your smoke wood and no briquettes. Be prepared to add more lump during the smoke as it burns hotter and faster than briquettes.

Also your smoke wood makes a difference. Cherry, Mesquite, oak, hickory will give you a deeper color change than the other woods.
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If it's a KCBS competition a smoke ring is no longer criteria for judging.
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Doesn't Henry Soo, not sure of his name win a lot of comps and all he uses are WSM's.
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Yup, Harry Soo. Even competed with a mini WSM once.
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Ok. Thanks guys. Now I'll know what to expect!!
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