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Cooking time for 2 pork shoulders

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So i've recently done one 6lbs shoulder in the smoker for 4 hours till 165, and then double foiled and finished in the oven at 250 for 5 hours.   Its came out each time as completely pulled apart.    Tomorrow im catering for a friends birthday party and was going to do 2 6lbs shoulders, do I need to adjust the time for having the extra meat in the smoker and oven?  

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I wouldn't think it would take any additional time other than a possible stall.
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I didnt think so either, but wasnt entirely sure.   Im not getting paid to do it (close friend), but i still want it to be the best possible, its my own reputation on the line, so always worry a bit about it when doing it for others and not just myself

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Well, you can always plan for them to finish a little early and cooler them to be sure you're done on time.


Trust me ...I understand the worry! I go through it too. I fact, doing it as I type. Planning a B-day party for my Mom on Saturday...prepped 12 slabs of St. Louis style ribs last night.....I understand!

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No.  They'll come to temp at different times.  I've never had 2 the same, but you're looking at within prob about an hour or so.  Your oven is probably more consistent, so the temps might look alike.

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Well if i get them in by 7:30am and into the oven at 11:30, that will get me to 4:30, I dont plan on taking everything over until 6:30, so I have a 2 hour buffer, which would put them at 11 hours.    Its suppose to get around 60 degrees tonight, so hopefully wont take long to get the smoker primed and ready....the start of a very busy day lol, menu is as followed


12lbs Pork Shoulder

20 sausages

50 wings

2 racks of rib (as the birthday present)

40 poppers


30-40 people expected


then anything else i think of during the day :)


Should i maybe increase it to 275 in the oven to compensate for the extra meat?

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Good idea it won't hurt to but up temp to 275 I have put butts in oven at 300-315 to get them done and they turned out fine

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I would up my cooker to 275* and leave the buts in there the whole time. One cooking source is just as good as another. Once you've foiled for the stall and put in a little apple juice, it's all good anyway. Let 'em cook. Good luck and keep on smokin', Joe
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